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Net Zero Accreditation - Processing

Accreditation Stage Three - Progressing

You will have calculated your scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions accurately and offset your equivalent emissions through a verified/certified carbon credits provider.

  • Full Scope 1 Audit Complete
  • Full Scope 2 Audit Complete
  • Full Scope 3 Audit Complete
  • All relevant categories listed in the Corporate Value Chain Scope 3 Standard from GHG Protocol. To include(but not limited to):

- Full Supply Chain including Purchased Goods and Services (Raw Materials, IT Equipment etc).

- Capital Purchases

- Upstream/Downstream Transportation of Goods if appropriate (either imported / exported or around the UK)

- Upstream/Downstream Leased Assets

- Business Travel

- Commuting

- Work from Home

- Water

- Electricity Transmission and Distribution

- Waste

- Any other likely Greenhouse Gas Emissions sources

  • Overall Emissions Targets Set (in line with Science Based Targets, and UK Government ambitions as a minimum (50% Emissions Reduction by 2030, Net Zero by2050)
  • Reductions Targets to have relevant intensity measurements (CO2e per £100k, per product, per sq meter of floorspace etc)
  • Action Plan of how to achieve a reduction in Emissions (including data improvements)
  • Some Emissions Reductions Strategies in place (e.g. verified Renewable Electricity Supplier, LED lighting, movement sensor lighting, Cycle to Work scheme, Work from Home scheme, use of EVs, methodology for choosing suppliers etc.)
  • Emissions Offset through a credible supplier of Carbon Credits

To retrieve a detailed breakdown of the standards criteria and intensity measurements please email: